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Reviewed in the United States on May 29, 2021
I love these scissors! I bought them because they looked absolutely beautiful -- as a special treat for myself, because I didn't think I needed scissors. I imagined them sitting on my dressing table, gleaming.
What I found out when they arrived changed my idea completely. Turns out they are one of the most USEFUL purchases I've made this year. Not only are they even more BEAUTIFUL than they looked online, these suckers are SHARP! They cut through just about anything (including huge cardboard boxes from Amazon), and I've found myself using them for just about anything I do, all day long.
So much for not needing scissors! I've been putting up with various dull, unattractive scissors for years, not realizing there was something better at a price I could affod.
I'd been feeling a bit guilt-ridden at buying something beautiful for myself that I didn't really need at a time when we're low on money.
Now instead of looking for reasons to justify my behavior, I get to brag about how smart I am!!
Take it from me -- YOU NEED THESE SCISSORS!! Not only do all women deserve a bit of pampering in the midst of these awful times, a small spot of gleaming silver (or gold) to make up for the dreariness and privation -- we need good tools, sharp tools to get our work done. And these little scissors do both.
Go forth and treat yourself (or someone you love). You deserve it!
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