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Reviewed in the United States on September 6, 2014
Falcon Rising starring Michael Jai White was very well done. It never goes over the top with special effects and stays rooted on the development of the main character's (Falcon's) presence and story. This aspect added tons of depth and pushes the movie beyond merely being just a simple action title. Michael Jai White knows a vast array of Martial Arts disciplines and he translates them to the movie screen with much finesse and flair. Performing his own stunts makes the fight scenes extremely fluid and convincing. This was most important during the multi-adversary fights. The plot never falls dull and it's implemented so well that you're only wishing they would delve even deeper. Near the end of the movie I began to realize that they took this direction in story to prop Falcon Rising up as a series of movies. I look forward to the following movies in this series. Definitely check this movie out. Another hit by MJW!
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