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Reviewed in the United States on March 28, 2018
Dr.hallowell is amazing!! I’m a nursing student and I have ADD and know since I’m 6/8 years old. This book helped me to fully understand who I am. Funny to say, even studying some psychology, I did not have knowledge on how ADD truly works until I read this book. To top it off, I am struggling in college now and Dr.Hallowell replied my email so briefly and directed me to the right path. I am amazed on how good this man is.
I just have an advice for you, who is the parent of an ADD child; don’t EVER mention it’s the ADD’s fault on anything, do not push them too hard, do not tell them they won’t succeed. Love them for who they are. I’m extremely bright and smart, my parents always pushed me very hard and I learned that I am so much better in college now because I live away from them. Time will come when they will learn how to deal with their ADD, but let them be kids for now! And please, don’t give them an iPad 😭 that is so bad for ADD you have no idea. I only watch 1 to 2 hours of TV a day because I know how much it impacts me.
But anyway, boosting your child’s confidence will help them through it.
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