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Reviewed in the United States on March 21, 2022
Outlaw Tiger is the fourth title in the Texas Dragons series with a couple that seems about as opposite as it’s possible to get – one more deadly silent type, one brash, non-stop talker. Yeah, an interesting combination of mates there.

I’m not going to quibble about my reactions to characters right now. I adored, have loved Dallas since first meeting him at the start of this series, and couldn’t wait to get his story in my hands. Mel. No, just no, could not stand her even when she somewhat “reformed” herself once she knew about Dallas and crew. It’s unfortunate, but her attitude, her carelessness with secrets and her own safety, how she was willing to continue on even knowing, finally, what was going on. Her drive to succeed at any cost simply drove me away as fast as a wildfire. But. That’s my reaction to Mel, there may be readers who adore her style and personality. For that reason, and that it’s not fair to take stars off of a review because I didn’t like one of the main characters, Outlaw Tiger, does deserve the 4.5 stars I gave it as it certainly is an action-packed, sizzling with sexual chemistry, and secrets, lots of secrets story.

There are a few twists in Dallas’ story that will reveal some parts of the concluding story in this series, Rogue Wolf, while still leaving enough information unknown to make that final story amazing. I enjoyed the glimpses of the “brotherhood” that these shifters have developed over time, each is unique and I’ve loved getting to know them and their mates. There are heartbreaking moments as well as we learn just how Dallas came to be at the ranch. And we get a bit more about those underground monsters… who just might not be as we’ve been thinking as true monsters.

I enjoyed my time back in this world and would recommend Outlaw Tiger and the Texas Dragons series to any reader who loves Paranormal Romance, intense storylines, some laughter, some tears, and a whole lot of action.

I own a Kindle edition of this title.
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