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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 14, 2021
I have 3 fire sticks bought at different times, and all worked fine before the pandemic. Then anything watched through the sticks stated stopping and starting. I figured AWS was overwhelmed with all the people home streaming. But it has been about 18 months and they haven't got it working right yet. The problem is with all 3 sticks, on 3 different brands of TVs, in different rooms. If I use the smart TV functions of the TVs instead, it NEVER screws up. So, the internet service is fine, I think the sticks are fine, but if you stream with the sticks, it screws up. I think the problem is with the computers at Amazon. AWS should be ashamed. Don't buy.
Update: Wow. Amazon called me the same day as my review. At first I thought it was bogus, but it was real. A man went through my situation, and even stayed on the line while I brought it up on our most used TV, and it indeed screwed up several times. He then walked me through clearing old cache data on the Amazon Prime app, but that made no difference. He asked if you could give the logs of each of the sticks for programmers/engineers/etc. to look into this. I agreed. I will hear back soon. So, up one star for effort.
Then I went into the other room, different stick and TV, which has had the problem in the past. I pulled up the same movie and it played fine. What? Then I remembered that I had to move some wires around on the back of that TV recently - I had unplugged the stick and put it on the extension Amazon supplies. Now I'm thinking...bad connection between the stick and TV? So back to our most used TV and moved the stick from HMDI 1 to 2. Since that move, for about 1.5 hours of streaming, no problems. So, up another star. Am I satisfied yet? Not sure.
Working fine now. If you have an issue, try changing the stick to a different HMDI input. It appears there was a connection issue on the original input used. That should have been my first action. Live and learn.
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