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Reviewed in the United States on September 9, 2020
AUGUST 2020 (2018 Published) : 4 STARS. The powerful forces of science and family collide when geneticist Paige Robson finds her world in upheaval. Her 8 year old son Miles is struggling to fit-in at his new school and begins asking questions about his biological father that Paige can't answer. Fate thrusts the anonymous donor she used into their lives.

First book by this author for me was The Last Flight (2020) which I gave 4 stars and then bought this book immediately and jumped-in. I hear this book has been picked-up for a movie. I really liked the scientific genetic info at the end of each chapter that's presented in a simplified way; easy to understand. I enjoyed the emotional journey with Paige & Miles. The info about DNA and inheritance continuing to form our future was very enlightening. My father's been gone for 34 years yet I think I understand him better now after reading this book thanks to you, Julie Clark. Thank you ! Funny side note, my father's last name was Clark! Coincidence ? maybe not. Can't wait to see the movie.
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