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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 2, 2022
I last ordered these in 2015, back when I was teaching preschool from home. These paints worked out fantastically, and I continued to use them for my two children growing up. My kids are a bit older now (10 and 12), but we still use these paints for projects. I was down to about half the bottles left, so I just reordered :) I use the Lakeshore no-spill paint cups ordered directly from their website. Don't waste your time with the cheap amazon paint cups. The lakeshore ones have attached lids, are well-made, and store really nicely. I never have to clean them out! I bought an extra two clear cups for the magenta and peach, since the regular paint cups only come in a set of 10 and don't include those colors. Also, if the paint gets a little thick, or old in the cup, I just add water and it's good as new!
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