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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 8, 2018
I love this series!! I know I have said this before about couples in this series. But Henry Thorpe Earl of Dunston and Lady Maureen Huxley are my new favorite couple. They were passionate, romantic. well written, loving, kind. Oh and Dunston was mysterious and very very dangerous. He is know has Sabre because of his great ability with swords and diggers. I have been wanting to read Dunston and Maureen story since bk2 "The Truth About Cads and Dukes" Maureen's sister Janes story and the Duke of Blackmore. Dunston also, appears in bk.3 Colin and Sarah's story "Desperately Seeking A Scoundrel, my least favorite of the series.

Dunston has been looking for the murderer of his beloved father for over a decade and the murderer has been killing titled peers for many years now. The murderer is conning and has evading capture until now. The killer has made a mistake by coming after Maureen. Dunston has evading marrying Maureen for over 2 years. Pretending to be just a good friend as close as a brother. But he is really protecting her from the killer. Despite this when Maureen breaks off there friendship so that she can find a husband Dunston is Not having any of that. He immediately marries her.

With a murderer on the loose Dunston does all he can to protect Maureen. But of course the murderer catches up to them.

I have waited sereval books to find out who this murderer was and I was so happy with this villain. It is a bit of a surprise. You begin to suspect who it might be while reading the story. This story has its hot sex scenes between he married couple. Romance between them. Genuine Passion. I also, loved the fact that Maureen likes to cook and all the delicious sounding meals and desserts she prepared.

It was nice re visitng St Catherines School for girls and Lord Colin Lacey and Sarah his wife. Even though this was my least favorite stories of the series. I fell in love with Biddy/Bridget. The little wondering 5 year old. We also, get to find out where Hannah has been hiding out.

Confessions of a Dangerous Lord was a marvelous story. I could barely stop reading it. But I do suggest that you read the other books in the series before reading this one. I Highly Recommend Confessions of a Dangerous Lord and the entire series.
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