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Reviewed in the United States on March 25, 2021
Hannah is too much of a whiney, emotional wuss the first third of the book. I wanted to shake her for wasting time on anger and resentment toward Lucifer for his method of ending their curse. The more important thing was her being alive, and her curse at an end. Instead, she lets human emotions overrule her. Pathetic. Lucifer is irresistible and amazing,but and all the more godlike in contrast to Hannah's petty resentment. Why would someone gifted with a second chance without having to waste time being reborn, growing up, experiencing again all the misery that was in her past lives stubbornly cling to her ridiculous pride instead of being happy? Yep. Stupidly pathetic.

Loved Lucifer, while Hannah was merely disappointing. She did step up a little at the end, when it was all but too late. Then came the cliffhanger ending. Hate, hate, hate cliffhangers. Three stars because the writing was well done in spite of the questionable heroine.
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