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Reviewed in the United States on November 12, 2013
I really, really loved the Wicked Lovely series and for some reason was hoping that this was a return to that world with a continuation of the story and it's characters. Yes, previous characters do make cameos and serve as plot devices, but otherwise we're dealing with a mostly new set of characters who are...uninteresting and dull and painfully predictable. I really hope the author doesn't return to the desert fey because, honestly, who cares?

The book in a nutshell: Sad girl sees boy. Sad girl stalks boy and falls in love. Boy is in trouble so sad girl saves him. Boy falls in love with sad girl. Sad girl magically saves the day from imagined threat that doesn't really exist based on anger and distrust. The end. Oh and sad girl is a fey (previous Winter Girl) and boy is a mortal. Queue the QQ!
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