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Reviewed in the United States on December 26, 2017
I have loved the Steel Brothers Saga from the beginning and I wanted to 10 star love this continuation of Ryan's story.

While I loved the mystery and how things are really starting to come together as we begin to get to the conclusion of the story, Ryan's actions in this story left me wanting to slap him and say "Snap out of it" through most of the book. I know that unless you go through what he is going through, it is hard to judge his actions. I understand him mistrusting Ruby and his siblings for going behind his back...I understand this completely. What I don't understand is feelings about the secret that was revealed. It is hard to say why I was angry with Ryan without throwing a spoiler or two but I felt he was particularly hard on his siblings who had absolutely nothing to do with that secret. Blame the actors (parents) but your siblings who have been there your whole life and have shown you nothing but love and support should not have to pay for those actions perpetrated by the parents.

He comes around in the end which made me happy because Ryan was fast becoming my favorite Steel. I love Ruby and how she is coming into her own, with Ryan, with her own hidden sexuality and with her past.
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