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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on April 21, 2021
Assembly isn’t too difficult. I had similar chairs (bought for $250) with a different, all metal bottom that I loved. The top of one broke, the screw holes were stripped, and they were soon stuck in the backyard until I decided it was time to replace them. I saw these (cheap, looked almost identical besides the wooden legs) and I ordered them. Came within 2 days and I assembled one chair bottom. I went to attach the top and realized one of the L brackets were severely bent and couldn’t attach to a chair. Before sending in a report to get a new L bracket sent to me, I decided to try the old bottoms on these new chair tops. Well, they matched up to the screw holes and I couldn’t be happier. I disassembled the one bottom I took time to put together, stuck the rest of the hardware and legs in my garage, and called it a day. So, this review is purely for the one bent L bracket and the white chair tops. Love the chair tops. Can’t use the bent L bracket. I saw a few other washers broken in the hardware bags. One win? All the hardware was individually bagged and separated. I really appreciate that. Did I just spend $70 on the tops of the chair while the chair legs I won’t use unless my metal ones break? Yep.
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