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Reviewed in the United States on November 2, 2008
This is the first book I've read by Linda Fairstein and it will certainly not be the last. 'DEATH DANCE' was enjoyable and moved at a good pace. There were no points at all where I thought the story was dragging. There were some really obnoxious characters and in some cases I was wondering if anyone would actually talk to a police detective that way. There seemed to be lots of people with virtually no respect for the investigators. The detectives, however, were very likable and none of them seemed to be wrapped up in their own problems. Okay, there was the mourning for a deceased wife, Val, but this was never an issue when on duty. Good detectives. And of course, there was Alex Cooper, the prosecuting attorney in the special victims unit. It was nice to have a main character who was not being tortured by the ghosts of the past. You have to like her. The wrap up to the 3 crimes that were on Alex Cooper's caseload all came at once and 2 of them just out of no where. I guess once the main subject of the investigation was done, the author just had to close out the other two. One thing I did have a problem with though was the way the District Attorney just handed a homicde case to a prosecutor in another division. There was a big point made of how the head of the homicide prosecution unit would react to this but then nothing was even mentioned. Not a word. What happened to the guy whose territory was being invaded? Oh well. Anyway, I've read other reviews of other books by Linda Fairstein. It seems that maybe this is not her best effort. This is a good, quick read that won't make you feel cheated, but probably won't be one you will count as one of your all time favorites. 'DEATH DANCE' is what a 3 star book is all about. I would say that if this is her worst effort, then Linda Fairstein is a very good writer. I am anxious to read more in this Alex Cooper series.
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