Customer Review

Reviewed in the United States on April 2, 2020
These are small bags with virtually no air in them to cushion the contents, so every single bag arrived with more than half of the crisps broken & in crumbs -- useless for dipping or as a base for toppings or even a decent snack :(

Flavors are great, but broken pieces are too small to qualify as finger foods and are more like large flakes of dry cereal :(

I recommend finding somewhere to buy these in person if at all possible so that maybe you can find nice plump bags with intact crisps inside. The much larger bags I buy from the local warehouse store have never had a breakage problem, but unfortunately they only come in the original, basic flavor. I had high hopes for this shipment even though per oz it is SO MUCH MORE expensive, but the crisps, although tasty, just aren't worth it due to the majority of them being broken into tiny pieces :(
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