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Reviewed in the United States on November 25, 2018
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This book is so much fun! if you can look beyond the dull "too many words" dense text-only presentation. It is a really great and thorough collection of very readable and amusing articles about so many reasoning errors that one encounters in daily life. Each entry is just a few pages, and you can pick it up and start reading anywhere. I'm thinking of giving a copy of it to my favorite conspiracy theorist.

There is a decent introduction that goes through the basics of assertions, truth & falsity, and inferences, followed by examples that briefly touches upon the fallacies which are elaborated in the subsequent entries. Each entry begins with a good quoted example, followed by analysis and other examples, and concluded with references for further reading.

Now days, books that describe themselves as "accessible" usually have some sort of more eye-catching font layout design and "info-graphics", which this does not, thus some may just open it up and immediately put it back down. It really seems more like a classroom text in visual presentation, though once you get beyond that it is a really great read.

However, it could be a bit more useful if there were a more analytical roadmap to the subsequent contents with classification and grouping of the various fallacies.

Also, the index is not very complete. For example, after reading about an argument based on "verbosity", I wanted to find it again, but that wonderful term is not in the index. Turns out it is indexed as "proof by verbosity" instead.

I highly recommend this book for those interested in these kinds of things, in spite of the drawbacks.
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