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Reviewed in the United States on February 23, 2020
Audrey Grey has become one of my new favorites and this is why. This book tugged my heart in all kinds of directions, had me cheering and booing characters and threatening to slap a one in particular. I've been team-Stolas all along but never expected what happened in this book. This is a must-read series and I am anxiously waiting for the next book. Haven's powers were mistaken as belonging to her best friend, Bell, which led to him being kidnapped and an adventure that broke the dark curse hanging over their lands. But now they are stuck with their lie and it brings a new threat when Bell is drafted as a champion to compete in a tournament in the lands of a tyrant queen without Haven by his side. Defying every law has never been a problem for Haven but when she sneaks into the tournament to save Bell a chain of events is set into place that will change her new-found family forever. And the darkness they thought they had banished was child's play compared to what is coming.
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