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Reviewed in the United States on May 12, 2019
Macabre Morsels by Jeff Dosser is self-described by the author as “9 Dark Tales To Fuel Your Dreams.” Available free through the Kindle Unlimited subscription plan, it sells for USD 0.99 on Amazon.

After Visiting Hours ***** This story is not listed in the Table of Contents. The Unnamed Narrator is in a hospital and is paralyzed below the waist. He is in a two-person room. Cries and moans from Mr. Eugene Gray awoke our narrator who thought he had seen a dark shape climbing the curtains into the ceiling. When nurses checked the next day, Mr. Gray was dead. A new roommate, Joseph Miller, arrived. The same pattern happened; noise from the neighboring bed followed by the nurse’s discovery of another corpse. Perhaps Unnamed Narrator needs to find another place to sleep.

The Path ***** This story will keep the reader awake. Tanner, wife Mary, and daughter Stacy were on a weekend outing, following a path to observe Nature. Nature fought back.

Hunters ***** This is a story about assumptions and could appear in any context. This story takes place after the Zombie Apocalypse. William Marshall rescued Nick Brenden for his purposes, one that Nick was not going to like. William made assumptions about Nick’s strength and abilities since, after all, he had been forced to rescue him. There is a popular saying about assumptions that fits well with this story.

Mr. Smiley ***** Alan Smiley provided upgrades for air conditioners to the residents of Flowering Springs. That was the name he was using at this housing project. This type of project was Alan’s business, helping the elderly transfer their money to his pocket. At Flowering Springs, Alan had the opportunity to provide even more upgrades.

The Watchers ***** The Unnamed Narrator had retired to a life of fishing with his wife, Alice. The kids had moved on and got married. When Alice died after only one year of retirement, the kids bought Dad a kayak for fishing. Dad met new retiree friends Sid and Burt (also spelled Bert) and the trio fished together but never after dark. All knew the legend of the Watcher. Sid died first, of fright. Burt went second, and shell casings were found at the site of his disappearance. The rest was up to Dad.

Mother’s Love ***** Alice had scavenged for days only to find herbs, canned sauce, and some cornmeal. With a bit of meat, she could make a mince pie, but the meat was almost impossible to find. She would have to try harder and think outside the box. Saving the children was her life’s mission.

The Playhouse ***** The Playhouse was behind the main farmhouse. That was where Gail and Darin liked to spend most of their time along with their magical friend. From the beginning, Gail, Darin and their mother Mariah liked the house. A few problems came up over a year. Eventually, the house came back on the market. Some houses take longer to process.

Terminal ***** There are many definitions of hell. Maybe each person creates their own. Jason had found his version.

The Gamble ***** Detective Mike Jacobs would do anything, gamble anything, to save son Kyle’s life. Jacobs made an offer of a wager. The Gambler accepted.

Campfire Story ***** Some campfire stories have the power to scare someone almost to death. And then there are the monsters which come along in support of the story and do the actual killing. Vibe just heard a story he didn’t want to believe. At least he had a knife with which to defend himself. Thanks, Kee.

These stories are a solid four-star rating on Amazon. Even stories which don’t surprise you with their endings will rattle around in your mind for a while. I will look for more stories from Jeff Dosser.
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