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Reviewed in the United States on February 6, 2015
I really wanted this book to be better than the first one......and I think it is. Either I've become used to her writing style, or it truly is a better book. There are numerous grammatical errors in this book, which causes you to stutter somewhat when reading, and Ms. Prince still tends to use too many modern day phases that just don't go with the timeline.

However, with that said.....I love the story. Garrick Sinclair is a tough, no nonsense highland warrior fighting for The Bruce and Scotland's freedom. Jossalyn Warren is an abused sister of an English boarder lord, who is cruel, mean and everything that makes a bad guy so easy to hate in a story. Raef Warren has been a thorn in the Sinclair's side for a long time......he has attacked the Sinclair family holding.....he's murdered innocents, women and children and is a coward to say the least. He has tormented his sister Jossalyn, for being a healer and has physically abused her to the point she's desperate to find her freedom. Enter Garrick. He was sent on a mission by The Bruce to Dunbraes, where Warren is, as a spy along with another highlander, Burke.

Jossalyn sees her chance with Garrick and the fun begins. The transformation in Jossalyn is very interesting, from English to Scottish rebel healer along with her confidence and self esteem. Garrick undergoes a few changes himself and between the two of them, there is plenty adventure, passion, excitement, lust and love.

Good story and I do recommend this series even with all the issues I had with both books. Enjoy and happy reading....Cheers! 🍻
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