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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on November 4, 2021
Dashing Through Christmas is a beautifully captivating thawing of a cold, lifeless heart by the non-stop warmth of a true believer in not just Christmas but in hope and love. This adventure takes us on a crash course with the true spirit and heart of the season as seen through the eyes of one who truly believes in the good in this world and wants to preserve it. Nothing will prepare you for the hilarious mishaps, the heart-wrenching twists, and the true beauty of falling in love with your soulmate. Don't wait to savor this amazing story with a hot cup of chocolate and your favorite treat.

Dash could be called a Scrooge and not just for the Christmas season. All year round, his only focus is on the bottom line. What sells, what's hot, and what's next on his list to conquer. When Misty Jolly comes crashing into his life, he doesn't know if he wants to punch her or kiss her. She is filled with such boundless and enthusiastic hope and awe of Christmas even though she has lived in this tiny town her entire life. Dash can't help but to be drawn to her and her magnetic presence. Can the magic of experiencing Christmas in the cozy town of Christmas Creek change not only his perspective but perhaps his very life?

Misty is always on the go. She never sits still long enough to see the sun rise or listen to everything her sister wants to say. Dash is the only one who could ever make her slow down even a little. It's so amazing to see how these two discover the magic and wonder of the other. When your heart recognizes its other half, there is always something new to discover and be in awe of. These two make such a beautiful couple, and I enjoyed watching their awkward meeting and tentative friendship turn into something truly incredible and life changing.

Rachelle Ayala has kept me thoroughly entertained with her Christmas Creek series. She continues to delight with this amazing family of Christmas Jollys. Misty is just the latest in this magical family who is sure to pull at your heart strings and have you cheering for her in no time at all. I can't wait to see what happens with the sibling! I need more of these incredible Christmas stories that never fail to touch my heart and remind of what Christmas is all about.
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