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Reviewed in the United States on May 26, 2021
This is more a remembrance than a review. During Reforger ‘80 my Infantry Platoon was assigned the mission of working with an SF Team to be guerrilla forces. We were to be taken to our link-up site but were dropped off in the wrong location. We didn’t know as we were not in the loop. Set up a patrol base for the night in thick woods.
The next morning took two infantrymen with me to find and recon the link-up site. Found it. We circled around to investigate and found where someone had been lying down to watch the location.
Walked into town, used a pay phone to call a designated number. Set up a meet and new link-up for that night.
Spent most of our time living in a barn and getting fresh coffee and hot baked bread every morning from the farmer’s wife. Had a great time.
However, other units spent almost the whole time on the run. They had been picked up by intel the first night.
Made me glad we missed our link-up the first night.
Rev was fortunate in that regard as well. Sometimes it is better if plans made from above don’t go according to their intentions.
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