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Reviewed in the United States on May 9, 2014
Is it even remotely possible that this book could get any better than it's predecessors? Well I can answer that question and it is yes! Although the other 3 were 5 stars and were most excellent, this one went a step further I think. I am not usually one for military, terrorism and the like, so when and author can make me like reading about those things, then he has a great talent! This series revolves around terrorism in one form or another. Each book is a different form and they just keep getting better, rich in imagery and great plot lines.

I have to talk about the things I like best about this book, or actually any of the books. First would be the characters. They are all so rich in realism, so believable and brilliantly created. The Echo Team consists of so many great, unforgettable characters. Of course most people who know me would know by now who my favorite character is, but just in case there is a question about it, I will tell you. Joe! He is now my favorite character EVER! And that is saying a lot. Because I have read a lot of books, and met a lot of great characters. Move over Roland, Joe is in the forefront now.

What I love most about Joe is his flawed character. It makes him superbly believable and I love that. Joe is the kind of guy that takes all those mistakes, all his fears and all his past failures and triumphs and he uses it to drive him forward. He is the kind of guy that never gives up. And when I say never I mean never. He is also witty and sarcastic and he loves those people in his life like family and would do what it takes to protect them. He lives with 3 personalities in his head, Cop, Warrior, and the Civilized man. And he learned to control them and use them appropriately.

The next thing I love about this book/series is the amount of action that is in the book. It was just about non stop through all of them. A lot of what happens you don't quite expect, pair that with the great plot twists and you have an exciting, unforgettable story. I would have to recommend this book to everyone. I think everyone should jump aboard and form their own relationship with Joe. Because once you do, you will never forget the ride.
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