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Reviewed in the United States on January 23, 2017
I REALLY enjoyed this show. Love watching whole seasons at 1 time without having to wait between Episodes. This is a Brayn Cranston joint all the way thru to his excellent character. didn't give it 5 stars tho as some tings were hard to follow and a few things I felt were loose ends but not many....*Spoiler Alert* What about when "Pete"really comes home in 2 yrs? This could have had a second season just using mainly the same characters doing another justifiable "Turk". Giovanni Ribisi was mainly great but some of his facial expressions had me concerned as if he was in physical pain at a dinner....but the acting, the story (better keep up or as I did watch again), Characters and even locations were really well done. One of my fave Prime Shows! At that if you like this and have Prime you should try "Mad Dogs" and "The Gun".
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