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Reviewed in the United States on August 26, 2021
I was blessed as a tan skinned man, with oily skin and the personality of “The Mayor of Every Town”. Its been a blessing having the nicest youthful looks all my life. I am 42 this October and fortunately, I look like I am in my late 20’s early 30’s, from what I have been told and actually see when I look at myself. But, it can be quite oily if not greasy having my type of skin. I do not sit out in the sun so, Im thinking my skin is pretty healthy, with little to no wrinkles, except my smile lines. But come on, Ive earned those. Someone once told me I smiled too much and that they didn't, to prevent future wrinkles. A few years back I saw this individual that is 10 years younger but now had his share of wrinkles around the eyes and mouth and forehead. He does have very soft powder like skin I once upon a time said I envy. Now, I take that back, I like having oily skin. Its kept my skin young and vibrant, supple. But I needed to control this bad. I was out with friends and I was told I was “glowing”. Bitches that they are, they meant I was greasier than a breakfast skillet dipped in bacon grease. So I bought these and I used them and now Im so very happy! I have sensitive skin on-top of the oily skin. So I was hesitant because of the Tea Tree but not only is the scent pleasant with a slight tingle that means its doing something magical, I suppose. But the powder is light and it gives me a clean just washed and patted dry, matted look. I was at a gathering and I just met a young fella that was “glowing” or “shiny” and I said I have something for you, for US. Pulled them out of my man purse and as everyone sat silent because how forward I was this guy, he reached for them actually quite willingly and I reached for mine and patted my own skin as he followed with his. He wiped and presented his sheet to everyone. Everyone broke out in friendly laughter as I did the same. He was so happy and the females in the group appreciated how I took charge of the greasy situation with a certain finesse and light hearted humor. I made a friend that night because this guy didn’t know what to do about it before. He would make the worst mistake and wash every few minutes, which strips the natural oils and gives you bad red irritated skin! Don’t do that! Use these and be totally fresh and ready to shine, but like with a nice subtle matte finish. Your skin will thank you for it. I love these, so will your skin!
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