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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 16, 2017
***5 ‘Menace & Trouble’ Stars***

~ Audiobook review ~

Here are a couple of truth’s before starting this review.

I’m a total fangirl of Nalini Singh’s.
The Guild Hunter series is that series I listen too at least twice a year.
I’ve listened to Archangel’s Viper three times in a row and will probably continue to listen to it a few more times before my mind decides to give it a rest.

So with all of that stated it’s pretty obvious that I absolutely ADORED this book and all that happened in it, even crazy parts, but then again I knew I would. Ever since seeing Holly and Venom together in Archangel’s Blade I had that gut feeling that they would make the perfect, snarky, ‘other’ long as they didn’t kill each other in the process and when it was announced that there were going to be each other’s mates I swear I did a full on happy dance and I wasn’t disappointed in any way. It was all kinds of snarky and sassy fun with a huge dose of heart and drama that could only work in the intricate and deadly world of the Guild Hunter.

I was pleasantly surprised by the Holly I got to know in this book because when we last spent any time with her she was still pushing boundaries and trying to come to terms with what Uram had done to her and what her future would hold. In AV, she is still working on coming to terms with it, but she is more focused and grounded and not lashing out like a hormonal teenager. The snark and sass are still presented, and I thank the powers that be that they were, but I loved seeing the compassionate and thoughtful side of the woman who had a purpose beyond simple survival.

While I’ve always been intrigued with Venom, I will admit that it never got to the same level as that of Bluebell and Sparkle because while I loved his verbal barbs the emotional gut punch was never there to learn more about him but that all changed with this book. I was totally sucked into the vortex that is Venom. I loved how he never pulled his verbal punches and how much of the time they weren’t meant to wound, but to force their target to acknowledge the truths that he could see much more clearly than others expected and ones they were trying to avoid. But more than that it was the opportunity to finally get to see the heart that lay behind the sunglass and viper’s eyes, because that heart was much more compassionate and genuine than I ever thought possible.

As for their journey to their HEA. I expected the snark and was very happy that even as their antagonistic relationship evolved it that aspect never went away, but changed with them. What I was surprised by, pleasantly so, was the mutual respect they gave each other and how much they simply enjoyed being in the others company. That made it so easy to see how well they fit together and really needed to spend eternity with one another because there really was no one else in the world that could put up with either one of them. Their romance is a slow build one, but absolutely satisfying in every way possible.

I loved hanging out with the unique and crazy cast of characters that make up the Guild Hunter world whether they be members of the Seven, the Guild or those that are aligned with them in a mish mash of ways. It was fun to get a deeper understanding of the ties that bind them all together and getting updates on almost everyone. I’m quite interested to see where Ms. Singh will take the series with the way that both Archangel’s Heart and Archangel’s Viper ended since a couple of main storylines have been either ended or at least paused for now. I, like most, am dying for Bluebell and Sparkle to get there own books, but I’m all for making sure it’s the right time for their stories to be revealed.

As for the narrator, Justine Eyre. She is absolutely fabulous. I love the cadence and tenor of her voice and how she brings each character to life. She is spot on with each accent she performs and truly brings the emotions the characters are feeling to life.
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