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Reviewed in the United States on August 12, 2015
I liked the way Hugh ended it. It was poetic, and felt true to the rest of the story. I did feel like he was milking it a little with all the brief flashbacks in his mind to the war, and all the random tangents the narrator goes on, but in the end this does help ratchet up the tension in the final moments of the story, but it's really the least interesting stuff to read in the series. I wanted to read more about the story, and less about what the guy was thinking about all the time. I think I would have appreciated a little more development of Claire and Narrator's relationship, but it was believable enough to give the ending of the story weight.

I also like that this story is much different than the writing in Sand or Wool. The story telling is completely different. The whole thing is so much more small scale in this one (up until the end, of course), and a little more personal, and I really liked that.
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