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Reviewed in the United States on December 21, 2018
This 2007 novel is 500 pages of muddled stories loosely connected into a prequel, alternative Gone With the Wind history, and sequel. It completely ignores the events of 1991's Scarlett, but uses some of that book's characters.

Some of the most boring, down to earth scenes and well written but the main events and the action events are glossed over and barely described leaving the reader a little confused about what has just happened.

The author writes about how Rhett Butler has a bastard son with Belle Watling, but then 3/4 through the book changes it to another minor character. But then goes back to having the boy be Rhett's son in all but name.

The main villain of the book believes to the end that Rhett killed his bad seed son decades before. Nobody seems to care to inform him that the son challenged Rhett in a duel and started the whole thing.

The author of this muddled and, frankly my dear, boring book, has written another book in this universe about Mammy, the main house slave of Tara. It is called Ruth. This must be a name he loves as there are several different women named Ruth in this book.

It has some good one liners and some good parts for sure but on the whole it is even worse than the problematic Scarlett by Alexandra Ripley. Both books being put out by the Margaret Mitchell Estate.
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