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Reviewed in the United States on April 30, 2014
This movie is something like a cross between MEAN GIRLS & THE DEAD POET'S SOCIETY. Eva Green plays a mid-20th century physical education teacher of a very conservative British girl's school. Come to find out, she is an alumnus of the school herself and it appears the experience has warped her a bit. She is totally at home in the company of girls & women, but is a nervous wreck whenever she's around strange men. As one might expect, Sapphic love is her preference.

Along comes a gorgeous young student who is heads & shoulders above the rest of the girls both athletically & intellectually. The young teacher can't help but fall in love with her. In this respect, you could say that the film resembles a girl/girl version of LOLITA as well. Naturally, the other girls get frustrated with the situation, feeling that they are being left out of the attention of their favorite instructor.

There is the framework of the film; a story that details the pitfalls of a school that is overly strict and where the no-fun-rule is always in effect. Typically, this leads to more problems than what the approach is designed to solve.
Will it be the case here? Watch this movie & find out!!
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