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Reviewed in the United States on September 3, 2020
In July I picked up “Into the Storm” and “Into the Wild” in both e-book and audiobook forms. I decided I’d make them my driving books - not that I drive distances on a regular basis these days. So it took a while to get through.

Into the Storm started by introducing an awesome character with wonderful flaws. Lots of fights and action. Lots of conflicts. And wartime politics. But ILoH fooled me. That first guy was a setup to build stories for other characters. And we discover the Malcontents. So there were a lot of people I had an interest in. And fun action. And cool weapons. And ummm explosions. And a pugnacious mecha.
And character and plot resolutions that were great but also a bit tough emotionally. That’s the closest I’ll get to spoilers.

When I finished that book I instantly loaded up Into the Wild.

Into the Wild takes place maybe a year later. The Malcontents are given a mission to go well...into the wild are of the country as a protective escort for archeologists of a sort. And then magical bad stuff be happening. Actually it happened at the beginning. And a good story was told with all kinds of world building hooks for future stories and/or anthologies (PLEASE!!!)

But I’m not posting about that. The voice actor for these books did an incredible job. Ray Porter is his name. Through the first and part of the second I was thinking “wow, this guy is pretty good giving every character a unique voice” then I was gobsmacked.

During a fight scene one of the main characters got heavily concussed. What Larry wrote is - exactly what I’ve felt the few times I’ve done silly things like hit the planet with my head. And Ray, well, he took what Larry wrote and since it was narration it was in that voice. He was able to exactly and properly sound how a concussion just slows the world down and makes it seems far away and a little fuzzy and odd.

That one bit was amazing. So then I paid more attention to what Ray was doing.

I counted somewhere around twenty voices that he had to manage for the book. I’m no judge of voice actors but that seems insane. And he gave life to each voice.

It’s been a week since I finished Into the Wild and I can still hear Acosta and Pangborn’s voices making their own remarks in my previously concussed skull.

Short version: I strongly recommend the Malcontents audio books
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