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Reviewed in the United States on December 9, 2018
First, Mr. Maberry's take on Trump is not far off from what other serious people have said, eg, former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, so you can feel free to disagree with him but there is no particular reason to hate his book simply because he has included that rather commonly held, unflattering picture of our President. Anyway, it's fiction.

Second, and without trying to overstate something that is, after all, a book that occupies an inherently pulpy sub-niche, ie, horror/scifi-ish thrillers, Joe Ledger is a pretty well developed character. Maybe more so than more mainstream characters of "big" thriller series like Jack Reacher. Mr. Maberry invests his work with fear, loss, and every other dark human emotion; IMHO it comes across as deeper and more plausible than a lot of the other stuff I read (and enjoy), despite the "X-Files" universe it inhabits.

Finally, those who have enjoyed this series will definitely love this book unless they simply can't accept its portrayal of the President, who is unnamed, by the way. And despite the Amazon blurb about it being the last chapter, I wouldn't take that to the bank.
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