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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 24, 2022
It's fantastic instrument with a couple of flaws.

1. It needs to be charged.

2. It's too heavy and it's rear balanced.

Okay, I don't actually mind having to charge it, it's easy enough that it doesn't impact me much. I do hope that Apple pencil 3 or 4 loses the battery though. If only to reduce the weight...

Which is the bigger issue for me. It weighs a pretty substantial .73 oz.

Doesn't sound like much does it?

For comparison a normal pencil weighs between .2 and .3 oz.

Most pens weigh between .3 and .5 oz.

It's even heavier than some half inch thick markers, while still being only slightly thicker than a pencil. Which for many will mean they will want to add a grip. Even further increasing the weight.

Combine that with the fact it is balanced more towards the eraser than the tip, and well... it's a bit awkward.

Will it bother you though?

Probably not, most people don't mind. Some people don't even notice.

If your an artist though, especially one used to regularly weighted styluses or wood pencils, charcoal. Or anything else under .4 oz.

Then yeah you will probably notice. And you probably won't like it at first.


Overall I still like it. It isn't so heavy that you can't use it. And all the positives of it are still nice. But remember AP3 is probably coming out soon. You may want to wait and see if it's an improvement.
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