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Reviewed in the United States on November 28, 2019
I have been reading fantasy for over 40 years. I was around when Donaldson first released The chronicles of Thomas Covenenant materials.

I can not imagine anyone disliking this. However, I agree with the note on the book from Mark Lawrence that this will especially be enjoyed by people who like the early traditional style of ( I would add) Terry Brooks, Stephen Donaldson, early Ray Fiest, Tad Williams' Dragonbone chair series etc... There is not a ton of world building with complex religions and politics, even though there are several "groups" of individual peoples and some politics. It is not one of those novels where the unpronouncable names and cities and religions and such require a fifteen page roster to help you keep track.

The characters are individuals but directly connected to their cultural loyalties and mostly direct in their characters, though one will surprise the heck out of you at the end. Many of the characters are young people coming into their own and facing trials. This is standard fair for lots of fantasy, even for Jordan's Wheel of Time. However, the characters are not so simple as to be flat.

The third person narrative begins with several story lines taking place that will merge somewhat later in the book. But this is not confusing.

Some sword fighting with a tiny splash of magic. A few heads fly and one or two people get a sword in the gut. But nothing extensive or repulsive and no sex.

The writing is good here. This is not one of those books with all short and choppy sentences and lots more telling than showing. Mainstream fantasy readers will really enjoy this book.
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