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Reviewed in the United States on June 12, 2018
"What a beautiful night. If only we didn't have to worry about giant crabs!"

Actual dialogue. Yes, folks, that the level we're working at here.

Make no mistake, this is B-movie schlock that would make a painful horror movie if ever anyone tried a faithful adaptation. I can't tell if Smith was trying to be serious with this material or not. But, remarkably, I liked it... though probably not for the reasons the author intended. I mean, you can't take a story seriously when the head monster is labeled King Crab. There is no way not to laugh at that. This story has all the old hallmarks of Monster Movie 101: creatures that stay hidden for a time, then can't be stopped by anyone or anything until the hero of the story thinks up something that should've been thought up not long after the bullets began bouncing off crab carapace. There are no surprises, just... giant crabs and people getting killed by giant crabs.

I will recommend this book, but only if you like schlock horror and only will I recommend the first book. Yes, there are more crab books ("More Giant Crabs" or "Yet Again, Giant Crabs!" or "How About Giant Crabs?"), but I think the fun of the premise wears itself out in short order.
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