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Reviewed in the United States on June 20, 2014
Bed bugs are the absolute worst pest to encounter. Unlike roaches which are hard to get rid of too, bed bugs like to get up close and personal. It is AWFUL staying up at night waiting for them to come after you and your family. I don't react to the bites but my daughter does and I was devastated when I realized what was happening. As a loving mother, I was quickly consumed with fear and despair. I was ready to abandon everything taking just the clothes on our backs. It's so tragic how they take over your safe haven.
Seem dramatic? There are thousands that know exactly what I mean!
My sister brought home bed bugs from a friends house that we later learned had been infested. We only discovered them by accident, on her mattress while moving it during a move and just threw her entire bed out. We'd had no idea that they had even been in the home and believed that it was just isolated to her and her bed. Problem solved. No! We were naive then, but the damage was already done as they soon flourished in our big new beautiful home. I didn't know a thing about bed bugs back then. Didn't even know they really existed. I do now after enough research to write a 500 page book.
So here we are.
I'm using many tactics but am happiest with this because it kills quickly and has an indefinite residual when left undisturbed inside the home. And it's one of the only residual killers that kills quickly. It does need to be used with care. I have a toddler and this is toxic.
With bed bugs you need many types of treatment working simultaneously. A contact killer( I use bedlam and alcohol), residual killer( DE and this), and growth inhibitor( I use Gentrol IGR with long residual) to stop the second generation of hatching eggs. You need to halt the growth cycle and this is the only true way.
Our pest guy ( who was honest and knowledgeable) gave us advice as an alternative to treatment from him-all of the above plus:
Isolate your bed. Get it away from the wall. Use climb up protectors. I threw out my headboard. Treat your bed frame well. Get covers for you mattress AND box springs and all pillows. Heat treat unwashables by leaving them in the sun in black garbage bags on a hot day for 2 days. He said this is the poor mans heat treatment and is just as effective.
He doesn't even recommend whole house heat treatments as they fail so often as it's sometimes impossible to heat EVERYTHING to 125 degrees.
Treat the inside ( behind the plates) of light and electric sockets with a DRY treatment such as this or DE ( diatomaceous earth). Treat ALL baseboards( the space in between the carpet and wall),
AND DECLUTTER. Bed bugs hide in clutter, especially things they can reach from the floor. They can live in just about anything- even books, papers, computers and electronics, love curtains ( found one hiding in my blinds) and pretty much anything else- places where lots of traditional treatments( like those useless foggers or contact sprays) won't even reach them. BUT they have to come out to feed and when they do, if you treated areas that they must cross they will indeed die. The majority of bedbugs will prefer a 5 foot radius of your resting areas( couches and chairs too). Just don't forget to treat unused areas too as the females will travel further away, to secluded areas to lay eggs. Bed bugs do not just live in beds or bed rooms, that for sure.
They love the cracks and crevices in furniture. Treat all of the frames and seams of chairs, desks, dressers, drawers, etc. Dust no personal contact areas with this or DE. I sprinkled this UNDER my dresser drawers, under couches, under rugs and outlined my closets. Spraying IGR in these places is good too though IGRs aren't harmful to us through casual contact.
My clothes are in large ziplock bags for quick access and others are stored in vacuum bags. Maybe some will suffocate!
Wash everything in hot water and dry for extended periods. DO NOT put treated clothes back into the general population to be reinfested. This is a common mistake. Store them in garbage bags sealed with rubber bands if you have to.
I found that the best way to use this is by putting some in a bowl and dusting it lightly and carefully with a paint brush. It helps with a light, controlled application and can really get down into the cracks. Blowers puff this into the air and it is MUCH dustier than even straight DE.
It's been about 3-4 weeks since we saw a live bed bug or had a bite.
The above is working. Just make sure to treat every area and do so over and over until 100% gone. It's a huge commitment, like a true battle! Bed bugs can live without feeding up to 18 months! Miss all but one bug or egg and the reinfestation could start all over again. Be weary when considering them defeated, they can be hard to find even for professionals( our pest guy saw none when I had seen a few). I presented my guy with a dead one in a sandwich bag to which he quickly identified it. As if I didn't know them by now despite our intimate midnight rendezvous! Their survival is based on their amazing ability to hide undetected. Some pros resort to bed bug sniffing dogs because they are so elusive.
This is not to discourage you, but to help you to understand the reality of effective treatment. My housemates prefers to stick their heads in the sand. It can be done on your own! Be diligent are famous words. It is an emotional ride and sufferers will understand completely what this means.
Ignoring them only makes it worse and you will potentially lose everything you own to them. I didn't want that to happen to us.
If you have them, you have to commit to long term treatment. That's fine with me because I refuse to live with these disgusting pests.

We have been bug free for almost an entire season! This can work!

6/2017 Update:
We have been 100% bed bug free for almost 3 years now!
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