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Reviewed in the United States on December 6, 2020
I'm sure the author assumed most people would read Book 1 of his series prior to this one. Although they are said to be "stand alone" novels, I found that reading Back and Beyond gave me a lot of perspective into Cody and the complexity of his character. I was really disappointed by his death early in this book. I believe he had a lot more to offer than that.

Otherwise, this one was pretty much "stand alone". It may well seal the fate of people's perspectives regarding small, desolate towns and the character of people to be found there. The girls involved met Cody's son (Justin) on the trail ride from book 1 (Back and Beyond). The older daughter had a brief fling with Justin then, but he has obviously moved on in the time that has passed.

With the new TV series coming out, I had already read Book 1 and part of this one, so it was interesting to compare notes on the changes that were made for TV. So far, the series is somewhat different than the book, but Cody is killed early on in both. I promise you, this is a page turner. Guess we'll see how the girls make out finding the "Lizard King"
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