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Reviewed in the United States on July 18, 2019
UPDATE 2021 —
My TLDR here is still the same. Buy this food, but NOT from Amazon. Get it from Chewy. They were incredible during the pandemic — did not skip a beat with delivering food for anybody who had an existing subscription. It’s super easy to edit subscription timing too (unlike Subscribe & Save which only comes once a month and cannot be ordered on demand in a pinch).

We just switched our dog to Purina. And to be clear, I would rate this brand / flavor of dog food five stars — but I’m not sure Amazon is the best place to buy it. Since we just switched now I’ve only bought it locally in person so far but we just moved and to save time I ordered it via Amazon. The bag was not damaged and although the seal did look slightly off to me, the food inside looked fine. I have a border collie who eats all the food all the time (and unfortunately all the non food too — this is a dog who has been at the ER vet for eating socks and rocks) and he didn’t finish his breakfast. He’s never not finished his food. I thought it was maybe just him being nervous from the move. But he didn’t finish his lunch either. And then when I poured dinner in his bowl, he refused to it, legit ran out of the room when I tried waving it under his nose. Shortly thereafter he had a bad case of diarrhea. I called a bunch of pet stores and found one Petco still open with one bag still available for sale and paid Postmates to go pick it up and then deliver it to me. I opened it, poured it in his bowl, and he ate it without hesitation. So I don’t really know but I took the whole brand new 30lbs bag from Amazon threw it away. I’m a bit weirded out because we just switched to Purina after our old brand (Taste of the Wild) was flagged in the FDA stuff. For the entire time we’ve had our dog (18 months) we’ve ordered all his food from Amazon — we will stick with Purina but will find a different way to buy it. My dog literally eats inedible things, like it's an actual recurring problem we are constantly navigating in order to keep him safe, and I couldn’t get him to eat this.
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