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Reviewed in the United States on July 14, 2021
The hype for this book drew me in. Anticipated a fast-paced thriller with deserved homage to classic suspense movies as a conversational backdrop. A college student’s long journey on a dark highway with an enigmatic stranger. This is yet another novel where what began as an intriguing premise, just didn’t deliver. Charlie is a young woman whose life has been rocked by the deaths of her parents and her best friend, Maddy. Each of the deaths was jarring and unexpected, but tragically, Maddy was murdered by a serial killer. To cope, Charlie seeks out the comfort of old movies. These then morph into virtual film reels in her mind, whenever she encounters sadness, fear or stressful situations. Frustrated and aimless, Charlie decides to return home, and accepts a ride from Josh, from the campus ride-share board.
Right here, the story veers off and becomes increasingly convoluted. Charlie is immediately wary of Josh, yet she still gets in his car. What woman would actually do that, knowing the lengthy drive ahead without much access to help or assistance? She abandons her intuition entirely. As the drive stretches on, Charlie’s apprehension intensifies, but she passes up numerous chances to get away. Again, why? The story only becomes more strange, and then silly.
I have liked Sager’s other books, but this one was a bit absurd. Also, Charlie was supposed to be a strong character, but she often doubted herself and her own mind. Not a good combo for getting into a vehicle with a man that one doesn’t know. Additionally, Maddy’s over-the-top character was stereotypical, narcissistic and difficult to care about. This was a convoluted, implausible tale that had tremendous potential.
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