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Reviewed in the United States on April 23, 2020
Due to my state's "stay at home" directive, I had to chance to buy these playing cards, along with a standard Bicycle deck & the Monarch Blue's made by Theory11. I am by no means a playing card expert, but I thought I would compare the three (again, thru the eyes of a novice). The Bicycle deck was the least expensive @ $2 per deck, followed by these @ $3 per deck & the most expensive were the Monarchs @ $6 per deck. Here are my impressions:

1) These cards (which are imports), felt the most cheaply made, despite being middle of the road, pricewise. There were several noticeable manufacturing flaws in the cards, including surface scratches, small indentations, & a number of bent corners & probably most egregious, a lifting (peeling?) of the plastic coating on the edge of one of the cards, which was very noticeable (note: I took a picture but it appears Amazon no longer allows uploading of images in a product review). Of the three decks, these imported cards felt the stiffest, were harder to manage & much harder to get in & out of the box....the box is a tad tight imho. These were also glossier than the other two decks, a little more slippery in hand & had a different, more pronounced linen finish to them.
2) the Monarchs were the most visually appealing of the three decks, including the box itself & the artwork on the cards, otherwise they felt & played similar to the Bicycle cards in terms of thickness, flexibility, & manufacturing quality. In terms of the finish, they had a more of a satin quality to them, vs the imported cards, which are quite glossy by comparison.
3) The Bicycle deck I found to be the sweet spot for me, ie., inexpensive but not cheap. I am quite impressed w/ the quality & consistency, despite the fact they cost quite a bit less than the others. Maybe not as visually appealing as the Monarchs but very comparable in all other aspects & definitely a step up in quality from the imported cards. These would be the way to go for value seekers.
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