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Reviewed in the United States on April 20, 2021
This is phenomenally concentrated, very effective bubble solution, and that means several things:

- D I L U T E I T. Seriously. You can even dilute it more than they say and you still get strong bubbles that last and float really well.
- the bubbles this solution makes are in some way thicker, prettier, and more impressive than bubbles made with a dish soap solution.
- they are also really sticky and the solution has a very VERY high lather
- as such, do NOT use this indoors. Whatever ingredient makes the high lather and mega bubbles is also super difficult to clean off of/out of absolutely anything and everything. A friend of mine didn't listen despite being warned repeatedly and she says it took her several days to get her floors and counters cleaned, and soapy patches still sometimes appear when she mops. DO NOT USE THIS STUFF INSIDE.

In conclusion: this is powerful, really effective bubble solution that will make your OUTDOOR bubble time super fun and amazing! Despite being a nightmare to get out of indoor surfaces, I haven't had any issues with clothes being stained when using this solution - however, I do dilute the solution more than advised, so that may help as well. Great stuff and your kids will love it!
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