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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on January 31, 2020
I've taken this suitcase on two flights and checked it both times. The first time I flew from STL to NYC and the second time from INY to ORL. After the first flight I noticed some visible wear. There was scuffing on the bag, but nothing too terrible. The second trip I noticed no further damage. I would say the suitcase just does not feel as sturdy as some other similar suitcase, but that is expected with the price. With the price, I have been very happy. I have been able to comfortably pack for a week and maneuver the suitcase through the airpot and streets by myself. Further, the suitcase does not take up a lot of room and does not seem excess. Ultimately, if you need something quickly, are not looking to check baggage often, and something affordable this is it.
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