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Reviewed in the United States on August 4, 2019
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 I have a very good document camera in my classroom provided by my school, but I needed something at home. I had an "HUE HD Pro USB Document Camera" but I was unsatisfied with the resolution and video quality, the base was not heavy enough to keep it standing up, and it doesn't auto-focus or auto-brightness. The V4K is better in every way, and only $20 more.
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I run Ubuntu Linux; the free-to-download software is required and works very well.
Deb package only, and the camera isn't recognized by any of the other common Linux USB camera software I've tried, so if you run a non-Debian distribution, you might have problems.
Edit: Updates to Linux, now it works out-of-the-box with every video imaging software I've tried. Used it on Zoom today. Great in every way.
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