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Reviewed in the United States on October 10, 2018
Maybe I'm desensitized because of watching the walking dead but this book 'imo' is not scary. I expected scary short stories but it's actually a really short graphic novella style of brief Japanese fables. The drawings are really cool and they are somewhat graphic so definitely don't put around kids to pick up but I highly doubt most people would be scared by the pictures. The stories themselves were completely disappointing by feeling short, incomplete, and with abrupt endings. The 5 recipes, maybe had meaning to the story but I doubt anyone is buying this book for recipes.
The best part of this book for me was the glossary at the end of the book of all the Japanese names for ghosts/monsters and a little backstory. I think had Anthony written this in short story form with more detail and just a few pics here and there, this would have been a lot better. I loved his older books especially the one about Typhoid Mary and really wanted to love this, but it just felt incomplete. I read this cover to cover in about an hour (this included checking out the artwork on each page). For the price it is fine, but it's hard to recommend because the stories felt really lacking and definitely were not scary.
This book did give peak my interest in Japanese lore so I will check out more on the subject. I also enjoyed the little blurb from the co-writer about his friend Bourdain since this was his last book.
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