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Reviewed in the United States on February 9, 2016
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I eagerly anticipate Jill Shalvis book release days. I can’t wait to meet her new characters and see what kinds of trouble they can get themselves into. Jill’s characters are special because they aren’t “cookie cutter” people. That is one of the arguments that anti-romance book people use frequently when they try to make the point that romance literature is not up to the standard of the other genres. I have actually had first hand experience with this at a book club Christmas party a few weeks ago. Everyone was name dropping these “exclusive” book titles that they were reading. When I told them I was looking forward to the new releases by Jill Shalvis and Kristan Higgins, they just stared at me and passed over my comment. They act as if reading is suppose to be a kind of torture that they need to endure to be well-read. I think it is sad that these people are missing out on tremendous stories that whisk the reader away to another time or place. They allow us to become other people, if only for a moment. It is my strong belief that reality 100% of the time is not good for anyone and “these kind of books” make life a happier, sunnier place.

Enough about me and on to this incredible book. This book is character driven, and they are amazing characters at that. They have a depth that few authors can achieve and they face things that aren’t “fixed” at the end of the book. You know these people will continue to face their demons long after the book is over, but they will be able to do it together. Plus they will continue to have mind-blowing lovemaking sessions that are constructed creatively and, at times, with lots of humor in this book. The romance would definitely be rated an R+.

However, there is one part of this book that took it from a strong 4 rating to a 5 rating for me. There is a scene in the book when Bailey and Lily get overwhelmingly drunk while waiting for Hudson and Aidan to return from a rescue call. When Hudson arrives to take her back to his place for the night, he refuses to make love to her because she is intoxicated. He knows that a woman cannot give consent to sex when she is intoxicated. Hudson and Aidan even have a discussion about how she is off-limits that night.

Jill Shalvis, you are an amazing woman to include this in your book.

In other books that I have read, the mental state of the woman is never addressed and it is considered sexy if a man loses control and “takes” her. But it is not sexy and it is not legal. In my other life, when I am not Ruby Lee, part of my job is to educate people about consent for sex. We teach them that if a person is intoxicated or under the influence of anything, they can’t give consent. It is a difficult message for some to get when our culture has condoned it for so long. Another part of my job is to work with those that have been assaulted when they were intoxicated. It is heartbreaking and something that can never be truly repaired.

So in closing, READ THIS BOOK. It is sweet and funny with great characters that you will love until the end and after.

I am counting the hours until the next Jill Shalvis release day.

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