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Reviewed in the United States on July 16, 2017
Hero,  Zare = 4/5
Heroine, Jane = 5/5
Secondary Characters = 3/5
Chemistry = 4/5
Sex = 4/5
Plot = 3/5
Mystery = 2/5
Action =  3/5
Darkness = 2/5
Humor = 1/5
POV = 3rd person
Ending = HEA, No cliffhanger
Stars =  3 ☆ ☆ ☆
Author = Summer Cooper
Would I recommend this book = Yes
Would I re-read this book = No
Would I read future books by this author = Yes

The characters were likeable and tons of chemistry between the two. The plot was good and had some action involved too. Which I always love. The title is a little misleading because Jane was never really bought. Mainly just promises between the two. The downside with this story was some points that were confusing or did not add up. The heroines name is Jane and several times in the beginning she was called Cher. Was that a nickname? The name Cher just randomly disappeared and it was Jane from there out. Also, Zare took her home one night on his bike. The next chapter he picks her up on his bike and she tells him she's never been on one before?!?...umm okay. Other than that it was an okay quick read.
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