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Reviewed in the United States on May 29, 2017
What a man and what a surprising story. A tragic start being left alone by his mom at 5....then goes on to touch millions with his love and his incredible acumen for creating the most amazing music ever. Having first discovered EWF in the early 70s then falling in love with them with All n All and beyond, it was wonderful hearing the backstory in Maurice's own words. How a man with such a tough beginning could "turn it into something good" in such a huge way is inspiring. I believe it was his severe life challenges as a little boy that drove him in such a magnificent way to pouring his heart and soul into music. He was relentless and the product proves it. It wasn't so much Maurice the musician as it was Maurice the passionate orchestrator/the uber-focused band leader, that made EWF such a force from 1975-83 (often to his great personal sacrifice/burden). Their greatness hit the top-40 standards for a few years, but their message lives on far beyond that fickle metric. Indeed FACES which had poor commercial/critical success, I personally find EXTRAORDINARY -- as do many EWF fans. Anyway, this was a pleasure to read, the detailed personal account from a very private man; it was loving of him to share with us, the people who were/are so profoundly touched by his message and his music. I hope ultimately that he fully understood the profound effect of the love he channeled to so many, for that I hope he has an eternal reward. Miss you Reece, wish I knew you as a friend.
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