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Reviewed in the United States on April 17, 2013
The story is good. The writing is good. The plot is good. The political intrigue seems plausible, as I live in LA County (north 1 block), and shenanigans like those mentioned in the book seem to be a constant theme in Southern California. (The last OC Sheriff is still in Jail.) Another example is the California high speed rail, with the first contract awarded to extremely politically-connected partners Tutor Perini/Zachry/Parsons joint venture construction April, 2013.

I agree with other reviewers that Joe's character seems a little overboard. In California, Joe would be on disability for the rest of his life. He would almost not be allowed to work, and the Sheriff's department would have found a way to never let him in to the academy with his "disability".

I cannot get over, however, the misspellings and the many, many "run on" sentences. Perhaps a hundred or more PERIODS are missing at the end of sentences.

I have read many T. Jefferson Parker books, and cannot fathom how a successful, widely read author could or would let something like this out in the public domain. I have had 4-5 versions of Microsoft Word, and every one of them would have found the misspellings, and later versions could have found sentences without end. I know Parker did not write this without PERIODS, so who is to blame? 
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