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Reviewed in the United States on June 1, 2019
I am writing this review in regards to this dog food possibly causing my dogs to throw up. Notice I put "dogs". I used this food for my oldest dog Ziggs. He is a 7 year of pitbul mix and has never had issues with food. I have always fed him the finer foods and products and he has always done great with it. He's actually never been a big eater. I leave his food out for him to eat whenever he feels he's hungry and most days he only eats once a day. With this food I noticed he ate much less then normal. I monitored him for a few months and towards the end of those months he began throwing up a clear liquid with grass in it. He has been eating much more grass lately as well. So I decided that it must be the food. I started getting him Hill's Science Diet again.

This now comes to my second observation. My youngest dog is 1 1/2 years old named Draven, who is a pure bread Mini Schnauzer eats like a pack of wild dogs. He will eat anything that is in front of his face. So I decided to start giving him half his normal food, which is Amazon's puppy food brand, and half of Zigg's food. Within days I noticed he started throwing up the same clear liquid as well which is extremely unlike him! He has not thrown up ONCE since owning him for over a year and a half. Even when he was a puppy and would eat himself nearly to death, he never vomited. I immediately stopped feeding him this food and have not had an issue since.

I highly recommend CAUTION while feeding this food to your dogs. It is not worth serious issues that could potentially be lingering. My dogs health is my NUMBER 1 priority. So far neither has shown any serious health issues but if that changes, I will update this post.

P.S. The puppy food seems to be perfectly fine and by itself has not given him any issues, but with the events that has happened, I still do not feel comfortable feeding this Brand to my dogs.
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