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Reviewed in the United States on October 14, 2016
I honestly can't believe how many good reviews this book has. Did I read the same book? The characters are so stereotypical it's almost insulting. It's like a first draft of a book. You're telling me this lady crashes her car into a tree, drunk, and the hospital just releases her? No accident report, no arrest, no court appearance? The whole story line with Ruby and Dean is so oversimplified and underdeveoped it's like a completely different book. And when the other daughter admits her husband is cheating on her and she wants to leave, her mother tells her to STAY with him?! What kind of advice is that, especially if she acknowledges she herself married a man who was unfaithful and didn't love her? Doesnt she want her daughters to value THEMSELVES, not just their relationships? I just have no idea who could have found this book believable enough to enjoy. None of it made any sense. I need something with more substance to it, I guess. I was so disappointed with this garbage, especially after I read the Nightingale and actually found that mostly enjoyable.
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