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Reviewed in the United States on September 1, 2021
Initially I thought this product was great. But its a bit of a scam. I have been careful with the product and yet, it has broken. it won't stay up. it slides down with just my phone being gently placed on it. There is absolutely no way they tested this product and its definitely on the manufacturer and seller for letting people pay for a product that should be in the dollar store. This is in no way worth what I paid for it.

Its not a stretch to call the seller and manufacturer scammers. They take your money and give you a bad product that breaks within a month or two.

I'm very disappointed. I will take note of this manufacturer and seller so I never buy products from them again. I don't work this hard for my money just to get scammed. I dont have infinite supplies of money to be buying a new one of these every month or so.
Drop the price to a couple of bucks and maybe it would be worth it. maybe.
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