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Reviewed in the United States on April 29, 2021
After the update I hate the interface for the following reasons;
1) It mixes content from a 100 different subscriptions services. So I see content that is on Hulu or HBO even if I am not subscribed to them. It's actually hard to find things that are just available on Prime for free now.
2) The IMDB video is annoying. I don't want to watch ads but Amazon wants me to watch ads. So IMDB video is filling up my feed when I'm not interested in it.
3) Amazon moved quite a few things out of Prime Video which was free and stuck it into IMDB so I have to watch ads. This made the Amazon Prime subscription less valuable.
4) Amazon recently start rejecting non-fiction content from independent content creators. Hell I can't count how many bigfoot, UFO, fitness videos and independent documentaries I watched on Prime. Now they took a good deal of this and moved it out of free for Prime and they aren't letting people submit any new non-fiction content now.
5) I got Roku yesterday and the picture quality is actually better.
6) The Prime Video app on Roku is actually more navigable and easier to find Free for Prime content that the FireTV ecosystem.
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