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Reviewed in the United States on December 17, 2020
A sequel in the Graveminder series that can stand alone. I read Graveminder years ago and am glad to have read it first so as to not have anything given away. I did not recall all of the details of the first book and you don't need them.
This story focuses on Amity Blue, a bar tender who knows there's something off about her town but for her splitting headaches simply can't put it together, until she does. There are some interesting twists and questions that arise as this gothic zombie novel unravels to deliver a final punch.

Included are Graveminder novellas Guns for the Dead and Changing Guards, both fun pieces that give further insight into the world of the Graveminder, but not essential to understanding the story. These two novellas focus on the deceased former Graveminder Alice, and Mr. D.

*My Star rating:
5 stars is almost never given after a first reading as this rating means the writing is so captivating that it has stood the test of time and I'll come back to it again and again.

3 star is my go to for a good fun read. 4 star is a cut above with noteworthy writing.
I'm a big Melissa Marr fan and her writing definitely shines and draws me in every time no matter what genre she chooses.
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